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Caryl Marcus-Stape

Managing Partner

As the Managing Partner of Stape & Associates (formerly Jack Stape Realtors) for over 28 years, Caryl is an integral part of the day-to-day at Stape & Associates! Caryl is married to CEO & Broker Associate, Jeff Stape, and is the proud mother of their Business Partners/Realtors, Mark Stape, and Pamela Meissler, not to mention, the very proud mother-in-law of Jim Meissler who is an attorney and Pamela's husband.

Caryl has dedicated her well honed business acumen, exceptional communication and leadership skills, her background in retail merchandising and marketing, along with her incredible eye for details to enhancing their homegrown, family "POWERHOUSE TEAM" which consistently performs in the top 5% of all real estate agents in Delaware!

As a native Delawarean, Caryl returned home from college in the early 80's to join her parent's thriving real estate team as a Realtor in Dover. Little did she know then, how real estate would be woven into her life's pursuits and dreams. While Caryl no longer maintains her real estate license, she is the glue that binds their incredible team together. And now, as S&A (formerly Jack Stape Realtors) approaches their 45th year of serving Delaware's thriving real estate industry, Caryl is even more energized by the addition of 3 new and outstanding agents to their growing team at Compass RE in Greenville, Delaware.

While Caryl has many priorities in her day, at the very top of her list are her grandchildren, Rosie and Charlie Meissler! According to Caryl, she has waited a lifetime for these two diamonds and insists on enjoying every moment of the love and joy they bring to her and their families. #grandmaingisfun

Ask anyone who knows Caryl, and they will most assuredly tell you how she lives her life with compassion and passion! It's been said that aside from her devotion to her family and her dedication to their business, Caryl is one of the most generous, and passionate Lay Leaders and Philanthropists in the community; she is in all her glory when she is serving others. In fact, in 2019 the Siegel JCC and community honored Caryl and Jeff at their annual fall fundraiser for their decades of leadership, commitment and investments in the JCC Movement and to the Siegel JCC.

Caryl is currently serving her second year of an eight-year appointment to the National Women's Philanthropy Board of the Jewish Federations of North America; locally Caryl serves as Vice President for the Jewish Federation of Delaware, and is a member of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors at the Siegel Jewish Community Center. In addition to serving and supporting these communities, Caryl and her family have a Philanthropic Fund, which supports educational and social programing in Delaware.

When asked, Caryl said she is most proud of the impact made by their families' values and commitment to repairing the world, which is why for the past 28 years and for the next 128 years...

Stape & Associates Is Committed To Donating A Portion Of Each And Every Real Estate Transaction To Both Local Nonprofits and Nonprofits Around The World!